We offer a variety of unique and specialty blended coffee beans. If you rather get your coffee already made, please visit our locations page for finding a shop near you. If you like to get your coffee beans, please check out our store page and order today!  

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Our Menu

Below are some of the items we offer online and in store. For any  specific request please contact us and we can see how we can  accommodate. Currently we only offer the 1LB purchase online as of right  now. If you need a larger order please contact us directly.  

Our blends



  • Sheridan Special Blend - Medium/Dark Roast 
  • Big Horn Mountain Blend - Medium/Dark Roast 
  • Peruvian Organic FTO - Medium/Dark Roast 
  • Beautifully Bold - Dark Roast 
  • French Roast - Dark Roast
  • Urban Cowboy - Medium/Dark Roast 
  • Wide Open Spaces - Medium/Dark Roast 
  • Decaf Water Process Organic - Medium/Dark Roast 
  • Espresso - Dark Roast
  • Decaf Espresso Water Process Organic - Dark Roast
  • Fiesta Blend - Medium/Dark Roast


Our Pricing

Bags (LBS)

1 LB

Whole Sale Price - $10.50

Retail Price - $15.00

3/4 LB

Whole Sale Price - $10.50

Retail Price - $15.00

1/2 LB

Whole Sale Price - $5.50

Retail Price - $12.00

1/4 LB

Whole Sale Price - $3.00

Retail Price - $5.00

2.5 LBs

Whole Sale Price - $25.00

Retail Price - $32.00