Welcome to Roast! Coffee Company LLC

Welcome to Roast! Coffee Company LLC, home of the best coffee in Sheridan. We offer authentic beans for purchase online and at different locations all around the state of Wyoming.

Jim Smith, an ardent coffee connoisseur, laid the foundations of Roast! Coffee Company 15 years ago when he decided it was time to share his passion for coffee with the people of his state. Jim worked really hard at his craft and did a great job of getting the right roast and great blends. Over the years, the business has achieved lots of success and our coffee beans have gained significant popularity around Wyoming.

At Roast! Coffee Company, we acquire green coffee beans and roast them to medium or dark. Local restaurants and cafes often prefer to use our beans for all the different brews they sell. Our signature 1 lb bags of coffee beans are available at our various locations in Sheridan, Buffalo, Story, and Greybull. We are currently looking to expand to a number of new locations and even contemplating going beyond Wyoming.

About Me

Our current owner Catherine Closson is a ranch-raised Wyoming native who started working for the business in fall 2017. The single parent spent time playing Polo in Big Horn, California, Colorado, and Texas before moving back to Wyoming in 2017. Catherine bought Roast! Coffee Company LLC when the previous owner decided to sell it. It is still a growing business and Catherine loves being part of a great community of coffee lovers and  roasters. 

Why Choose Us?

We are not just any coffee company. We put our love and passion into our coffee bean packages. Our attention to detail and commitment to finding the best coffee beans is second to none. At Roast! Coffee Company, we have a team that is extremely passionate about coffee and it shows in their work every day because we all love what we do. We are on a mission to provide a variety of great tasting coffee as well as great customer service to homes, restaurants, and cafes.


Our Beans

Following are some of the types of coffee beans we offer.

  •  Sumatra Sumaria Tiger
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Colombian
  • Decaf Water-Processed Organic
  • Peruvian Organic FTO
  • Brazilian
  • Ethiopian
  • Mexican
  • Costa Rican
  • Guatemalan
  • Kenya

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